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Finnish Avarte Group Oy markets and sells furniture pieces and designs interior solutions for office spaces. We offer our clients sustainable designs and unique interior design services at a sensible price without compromising quality. Our mission is to promote Finnish design and we work in partnership with the top designers of the country.


The foundation of our offering is formed by Yrjö Kukkapuro’s classic furniture pieces dating back many decades. Our aspiration is to make them easily reachable throughout Europe through our online shop. Yrjö Kukkapuro’s work is based on both aesthetic and functional innovativeness as well as unwavering user experience and ergonomics. Indeed, Kukkapuro is one of Finland’s best-known and most credited furniture designers. We will shortly expand our offering with the works of other Finnish designers.


Avarte Group assembles the furnitures in Finland, and they are manufactured by Avarte Shanghai, among others, a company with which Kukkapuro has been collaborating since 1997.


One of Avarte Groups central principles has been to promote sustainable development. Our timeless furniture pieces, manufactured using high-quality materials, last from one generation to the next, serving a variety of different purposes.


In addition to our online shop, our products can be viewed at Avarte Group showroom, Ludviginkatu 3-5, Helsinki.  The products from our online store are shipped from our warehouse normally within 5-7 working days.



Avarte Group Oy

Ludviginkatu 3

00130 Helsinki

Business ID: 2629824-7 



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